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Pons Danubii European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation

1. By taking advantage of the fact that the Grouping is a legal entity, the aim of the Grouping is to enable and support the development of economic and social cohesion in the municipal territory of the settlements specified in Chapter 5, Section 1 of its Charter, and that through the implementation of programmes in the form of territorial cooperation co-financed by the European Union.

2. Direct aim of the Grouping:
a) establishment of cross-border cohesion in the territory of the Grouping;
b) implementation of projects in order to enhance joint strategic developments
c) improving the quality of life in the Grouping's member settlements

3. The primary aim of the Grouping is the implementation of programmes and projects in the framework territorial cooperation.

The Pons Danubii EGTC is the 15th EGTC officially registered in the EU. Members of the Pons Danubii EGTC: Komárom, Tata, Kisbér, Oroszlány, Komárno, Kolárovo, Hurbanovo. The Pons Danubii EGTC presents a new opportunity for municipalities and regions to establish cross-border, interregional cooperation in order to reach joint goals. The aim of the Grouping is to follow a non-distinction policy: local actors must have equal opportunities on national and cross-border level as well. It is a legal entity, it has its own budget, it employs people and it can sign agreements.

Its main tasks in the framework of the project:
- establishment of a regional web portal, eContent development,
- production and broadcasting of general and thematic television programmes covering cross-border issues and their further utilisation
- development of joint eContent, ensuring bilingual information flow, design and distribution of special publications
- establishment of a Media Office supporting information flow, establishment of an information transmission system
- organisation and delivery of marketing campaigns promoting ICT use with special attention paid to the disadvantaged population, enhancement of equal opportunities