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Pons Danubii Projects





The application for grant to finance the building of the cycle path between Komárno and Kolárovo was submitted by the Pons Danubii EGTC in partnership with the Fort Monostor Non-Profit Ltd. in Komárom, Hungary. According to the plans the new section will be built between the back water lake of the river Váh and the town of Kolárovo.  It will be 17.324 kilometres long.  Another 2.2-kilometre-long new section will be constructed around the forts in the neighbouring Komárom, Hungary. 85% of the nearly €2.6m investment will be covered from EU funds in the framework of  the cross-border cooperation programme. 10% will be financed from state subsidies and the municipalities will have to provide 5% in the form of own contribution. The contract was signed in the spring of 2014 and the public procurement also took place. The construction company, Strabag, will have to do the work in 30 days by August 2014 the latest.

Length of the cycle path in Slovakia (Komárno - Kolárovo): 17.324 km

Length of the cycle path in Hungary (Fort Csillag): 2.2 km

In the framework of the project new sections will be built both in Komárno and Komárom, which means that the paths will be connected to the Vienna-Budapest section of the Atlantic-Black Sea EuroVelo 6 route, which is the main aim of the project. The project was elaborated in accordance with the development plans of the three towns and in line with the cycle path development plan.

It is also aimed at the reconstruction and further improvement of the existing cycle paths.  The reason for this is that the low quality of some of the existing routes hinders dynamic tourism development in the region. The quality of the routes must be improved for the reason that the number of bicycle tourists arriving to the region from the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and other EU member states has been significantly growing over the past few years. The beauty of the nature along the Váh and Danube rivers provides a unique cycling experience for all.