The acronym 'EGTC' stands for 'European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation'. The EGTC, as a separate legal entity, is a legal instrument enabling EU member states, regional authorities, local governments and public institutions to establish cross-border, transnational or interregional cooperation with institutions of similar profile from other member states and thus to fulfil common objectives. An EGTC is an organization jointly owned by authorities from at least two EU member states (local or regional authorities, member states). It is a separate legal entity with a full legal capacity and can act independently. The grouping has its own budget and is a separate institution. It can sign contracts, acquire property and be party to legal proceedings.

EGTCs on the Hungarian borderline:

Members of the Pons Danubii EGTC:

Hungary: Komárom, Tata, Kisbér, Oroszlány

Slovakia: Komárno, Kolárovo, Hurbanovo